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Serendipity Therapies

from one small change...others follow...



Hypno-psychotherapy is the use of therapy whilst the client is under hypnosis. In this state, a person is very susceptible to suggestion so addictions and habits can be addressed directly and therefore changed. You will be totally in control throughout and will just feel deeply relaxed, calm and tranquil and this feeling will remain with you afterwards.

The Hypno-gastric band operation-under hypnosis you will be guided through the operation and will awake convinced that you have had a band fitted. From that day on you will become full on only small portions of food!


Counselling is a partnership whereby the counsellor helps you to realise your potential and work through difficulties in your life. It is not about giving advice but is about helping you to come to solutions that are right for you.

CBT and NLP will give you the skills to overcome your problem in a practical supportive way.

INTEGRAL EYE MOVEMENT THERAPY -a fantastic way to change feelings and behaviors that are the result of negative or traumatic experiences.

OLDPAIN2GO -a proven pain elimination technique that can be used for all types of pain.

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