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Serendipity Therapies

from one small change...others follow...


" I don't believe it! After my Hypno Gastric band op, I've still not had a biscuit, chocolate or cake. My portion sizes are down to 1/3. I have now lost nearly 2 stone and last but not least I am sitting at my cousins without wanting chocolate from the drawer. I went in twice to check but just did not want it. I feel amazing and am actually going on a date, the first for 3 yrs! You are my hero!" V, Bury

" It is now 5 weeks since you helped me stop smoking. I'm absolutely overjoyed and my family and friends are over the moon. I've been drunk, out on the town even had an argument, all of the situations that previously would have made me smoke but its as though I never smoked at all..I just dont want one! Thank you sooo much !"

"Just a short note from Gibraltar! You did say I would get on the plane and you were absolutely correct. The flight was great - I felt a little tense going through Security and on boarding, but I used all your techniques. I talked to people on the plane, did crosswords, read the paper and actually nodded off at one point. I cannot tell you how joyful I felt on the tarmac - I felt I could now achieve anything.

I would like to thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. It has made such a difference to my life." S 

''Thank you so much for your therapy and wonderful support over the past few months. What a difference it has now made to my life." J

"When I first went to see Chris I felt unable to cope with everyday life and did not really know who I was anymore. The journey I have been on has seen me come to terms with the death of my father and find myself again. I have learned coping skills to enable me to enjoy life, smile, feel calm and love who I am!" A

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